A few years ago, a person in a medical mask on the street caused surprise, concern and sympathy. But today’s realities have changed the consciousness of citizens and brought creativity even to such a seemingly uncreative thing. Unsurpassed masterpieces, which have transformed from an ordinary means of protection into an exquisite design element, impress with their diversity: colorful and with rhinestones, with embroidery, decor, appliqué and prints. However, branded protective products attract special attention. If earlier it was possible to identify the person of a certain organization by badges, now this function is perfectly performed by masks. It is not surprising: in the era of high technologies, it could not be otherwise. This is how an ordinary thing turns into a powerful advertising medium. So, we suggest you join the mask challenge and order personal protective equipment with your company’s logo for your organization or impress others with original prints and witty humor.

Printing center 306 will fulfill any of your orders: from single to mass, develop a design, or print a picture of your choice. Our paints are ecological and harmless to health, withstand frequent washing, keeping the brightness of colors.

Printing on Medical Masks – Cherkasy – Polygraphy 306

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