Binding services

Binding services

The most important element of the book is the book block. This is a set of notebooks or sheets bound on one side in the spine. Subsequently, the printed sheets are folded – a technological process of folding, folding a sheet of paper in a certain sequence. Thus, notebooks of the required format are formed from printed folded sheets, to which (depending on the edition) additional elements are glued or inserted inside. An equally important step is gluing an unpainted (white) or colored (with images, ornaments) endpaper (paper or combined part that connects the book block and binding) to the first and last page of the notebook. After that, the finished book block is inserted into the binding and fastened in one of three ways:

  • thermal binding is a type of binding where glue is used to fasten the pages; usually used in books with a small number of pages;
  • sewing with a thread – the book is divided into notebooks by sewing the sheets with threads, and later these notebooks are also sewn together; used in hardcover books;
  • staple binding is used when the book has a small number of pages and a soft cover.


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