Menu and sets

Menu and sets

Menu and set are the main attribute of any cafe or restaurant.

The menu is the business card of the institution, which should impress visitors and emphasize the style of your institution.

The set is a necessary addition to the menu, is an advertising mat on the table. It is the set that will show your institution from the favorable side. On the set, next to the logo and contact information, you can place a menu. A set, a coffee set, or a set menu is an integral element of the establishment and table setting, an original and practical placemat for dishes that can perform several functions at the same time:

  • protect the coating of cafe furniture;
  • at the same time be a menu.

A well-thought-out and well-designed set will emphasize the individual style of a cafe or restaurant, creating an atmosphere of comfort. To inform guests about new dishes or interesting offers on the menu, about promotions, about the history of the trademark or establishment, about other useful or interesting facts. A good presentation of dishes should cause positive emotions and appetite! A stylish and affordable menu should distinguish the establishment from others.

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