Price tags

Price tags

A price tag is a type of printed product that serves as an intermediary between the seller of the product and the end consumer, informing the latter about the name of the product and its cost. Price lists can be individual (for a certain product), mass (several items) and promotional (with an indication of the old and new price).

Printing center 306 will produce branded price tags for your business on any material and in any quantity, and the bright design will attract attention and support the level of consumer trust in your brand. So we offer:

  • Production of branded price tags according to a single corporate style (in addition to the price, the logo and name of the product are indicated).
  • Black and white and color printing.
  • Unilateral or bilateral.
  • Size, type of font and color at the customer’s request.
  • We use different materials: paper, cardboard, self-adhesive, plastic, metal.

Depending on the circulation, we offer digital (the cost increases in proportion to the volume) or offset printing (the larger the order, the lower the price).

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