Replication on risograph

Replication on risograph

The printing center 306 offers printing services on a risograph. Duplication is a quick and economical way to get a large number of copies of any documents, forms, price lists, advertisements, leaflets, etc. in a short time.

Modern duplicators allow:

  • get a relatively high quality product (remember, this is not an offset!);
  • use different types of materials: envelopes, self-adhesive, colored or newsprint paper of different densities;
  • produce products in color;
  • print from an electronic medium (directly from a computer) or from a manufactured product (the product is first scanned and then multiplied);
  • reproduce at high speed and at minimal costs;
  • do not emit substances toxic to the environment during the operation of the equipment.

If you need to receive a large number of printed products, contact our company.

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