Seating plan

Seating plan

Guest seating plan

Why do you need to seat guests at a wedding or other formal events? First, in order for the holiday to take place in an organized manner and without unnecessary chaos.

Secondly, show the guests that you do not care where and with whom they will spend time, taking into account preferences, age and social status, and sometimes what they will eat (vegetarians, people with allergies).

Thirdly, it’s time to impress with creative ideas.

Printing center 306 offers a wide selection of options for seating schemes:

  • made of designer cardboard with die-cut elements and decoration;
  • in the form of a wooden board or plywood;
  • recently popular chalkboards, glass, mirror.

We will certainly take into account all your wishes, so that your solemn event becomes the best day in your life. Your holiday is our concern!

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