Stella is advertising that works around the clock

Moving through the city, we casually contemplate various types of complaints, without even realizing it. Stella is one of the most popular. Every time we go to a gas station, we always see a vertical structure up to 30 meters high, which displays the company’s logo, the price of fuel and other additional services. Auto showrooms, large shopping complexes, and business centers are also equipped with a similar type of outdoor advertising. Even when entering the city, the first thing that catches your eye is the stele (yes, the stone slab with the name of the city and the coat of arms is also the prototype of the advertising stele). So, a complex three-dimensional structure, most often made of composite materials, with the use of various non-standard creative (illumination, three-dimensional letters) and technical solutions (the presence of elements that could be easily dismantled) is not only a reference point for the consumer, but also forms an image companies After all, sometimes a look is enough to understand (for example, only by color) what kind of brand it is.

There are several good reasons to choose this type of outdoor advertising to promote services. So:

  • Location. Obviously, this is the best vantage point for both pedestrians and drivers. At night, usually, lighting is used, which attracts attention as much as possible.
  • The uniqueness of the design. There are no standards in design – everything depends on the design decisions and wishes of the customer. Stella can be of different shapes (for example, in the form of a clock, cup) and size, be equipped with any elements (letters, decor, shields, etc.), combine information from completely different advertisers (food products, services, playgrounds, cinemas).
  • Strength, endurance and safety. Despite the heavy stationary forms (a metal frame fixed on a reinforced concrete foundation, and covered with plastic on top), there are also light mobile structures. However, the requirement is put forward for any species – not to be exposed to the influence of the external environment. Any weather vagaries should not harm either the product or others.
  • Individuality. Everyone is looking for that shape, design or color scheme that will make them as recognizable as possible.
  • Respectability. Yes, it is not cheap, but it works 24 hours a day without a break and emphasizes the status of your company or brand with its forms.

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