The label is the face of your product and the first thing the buyer’s eye falls on, and therefore the choice of this “marker” of the product should be taken responsibly.

Printing center 306 offers a full cycle in the production of labels – from design development to printing. There are many requirements for a product label:

  • First, they should attract the attention of the client with their appearance.
  • Secondly, information about the product should be printed in good quality and be easy to read.
  • Thirdly, a stylish label will make your brand more recognizable, because a person remembers a picture better than a name or an inscription.

For the production of labels, our printing center uses modern equipment, which guarantees the customer high product quality and efficiency. Our arsenal includes a large selection of materials (various types of cardboard, self-adhesive film, plastic) and methods of processing finished products (lamination, embossing, foiling, cutting).

An example of our work