Technical requirements for preparing files for large format printing

The following files are accepted for printing:

  • .TIFF (colors in CMYK color model, uncheck transparent background when saving, LZW compression)
  • .PSD (color model CMYK) – Adobe Photoshop
  • .EPS, .AI (color model CMYK) – Adobe Illustrator with embedded links
  • .CDR (color model CMYK) – Corel Draw (fonts converted to curves)
  • .PDF (all fonts must be entered into PDF)

*images must be made in one layer and do not have alpha channels, or paths.

Bitmap resolution (size 1:1)

  • image up to 1 m – 200-300 dpi
  • image 1.6×2 m – 100-150 dpi
  • image 2×3 m – 72-80 dpi
  • image 3×6 m – 40-50 dpi
  • image 6×9 m – 30 dpi
  • image over 9 m – 18-20 dpi

Requirements for vector formats

  • Image scale 1:1
  • All fonts in vector format must be converted to curves.
  • In layouts prepared in CORELDRAW, the use of the following effects is not allowed: transparency (Transparency), lenses (Lens), shadow (Drop Shadow)

Color Requirements

The criterion for determining color is the percentage of color (CMYK) at each specific point in the image, and not a printer printout or a layout display on a computer monitor. In addition, we recommend that you order a color proof if you have strict wishes regarding the color. Otherwise, color claims will not be accepted.

Transferring layouts

Files with layouts are accepted on CD, DVD, FlashCard through file exchangers (www.fex.ua, www.dropbox.com). You can also send files up to 20 MB via email.

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