Acrylite is a transparent panel made of acrylic plexiglass (thickness 4-10 mm), on which an image or text with a logo is engraved, and is illuminated from the end. Acrylic is one of the elements of light advertising. The outline of the image is applied by the engraving method, the application of vinyl films or full-size printing is used as an additional color filling. Arkylite lighting is provided by an LED line. The finished panel is fixed in a neat aluminum profile, which masks the LEDs. Accordingly, the products are very stylish, neat and elegant. The original effect is achieved due to the fact that the light, passing through the acrylic, is refracted in places of engraving, and the image or inscription begins to glow and seems to hang in the air. Such original signs and plates can be installed on a table, placed on a wall or hung in a certain place in the room. Bright and elegant acrylics can be harmoniously integrated into any interior: cafes and restaurants, hotels, clubs, offices and exhibitions. It is an element that will attract the attention of regular visitors and customers, a spectacular sign and an explanatory panel. Acrylic can also be an original gift, for example, as a night lamp.

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