Acrylic statuette, award

Acrylic statuette, award

Production of Acrylic Statuettes – Cherkasy Award

Any sporting or creative event requires the organizers to have a high-quality commemorative award to give the event a special status or significance. Elegant figurines made of acrylic will help to mark an achievement or an event for years. This material has significant advantages:

  • Firstly, it is light and strong, you should not worry about the way of its operation;
  • Secondly, it is easy to work with: you can apply engraving, a logo or add other decorative elements made of wood or plastic;
  • Thirdly, acrylic is a non-toxic material: even in an aggressive environment (active sun, burning, oxidation) it does not release harmful compounds into the environment;
  • Fourth, acrylic products are financially attractive.

Polygraphic center 306 offers customers high-quality acrylic figurines of any complexity, according to our or your sketches and at reasonable prices.

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