Car fragrances

Car fragrances


Car air freshener is a practical, inexpensive souvenir and a plane for placing a trademark, logo or any other useful information. The combination of a bright informative image and a pleasant smell will be a constant reminder of your advertisement. Custom-made car air fresheners make a great gift for consumers, a raffle prize, or a newspaper or magazine insert. They can also be distributed during advertising or promotional events.

An example of our work

Production of car air fresheners Cherkasy – Kyiv – Ukraine with a logo is a quite popular type of printed products today, which will not only brighten up the interior and fill your car with fragrances, but also remind you once again about a certain type of activity, the company or the person who presented it to you .

You can order an original branded item at the Printing Center 306. Our company has considerable experience in the production of souvenirs in Cherkasy. If you are still in the process of thinking, don’t delay! Our managers will familiarize you with ready-made samples and printing methods, and designers have many ideas for creating an exclusive layout.

Branded products with logos, symbols or any other image on them:

– First, they will be a nice and pleasant bonus for creating a loyal relationship with you and your brand. They can be given out at various promotional events, for example, as an award for excellent performance, employee incentives or simply as VIP gifts for business partners. Such a fragrant trinket will always be in sight, gradually forming a trusting attitude towards the owner and evoking positive emotions.

– Secondly, it will emphasize your status in the eyes of customers. During exhibitions, promotions, forums, the participants of which are not only manufacturers, but also consumers, car fragrances will become a useful and informative present. The advertising material applied to the product is made in compliance with a sustainable corporate style (color, font, location of the logo, brand names). Such merch creates an appropriate association with the brand, expanding the audience of potential consumers.

– Thirdly, most of the owners of private cars, and especially those who are engaged in the transportation of people, are familiar with the problem of unpleasant odors in the cabin. And the first step to overcome it is to purchase special high-quality flavorings. The functional load of this household item can be enhanced by placing advertising information on a free surface. This is a fairly budget-friendly, but effective way of marketing strategy.
Printing center 306 is an enterprise that has been engaged in the production of high-quality printing products for many years. The most important part of creative activity in the field of providing services to the population is the development and production of souvenirs in Cherkasy. The catalog includes more than a hundred items (Manufacturing of Automobile Aromatizers Cherkasy – Kyiv – Ukraine, printing on cups, plates, production of metal badges, badges, branded clothing, tourist goods, stationery, items for presentations, exhibitions, celebrations).

Souvenir items with advertising information are a powerful marketing move. For their production, we have created our own powerful production base, which fully meets the needs of customers.
Our suppliers are regular and verified, this reduces the waiting time for the customer. We use high-quality consumables, so we are not ashamed of the results of our activities – all souvenir products manufactured in our production facilities are always of high quality.

Printing is carried out using UV equipment and the silk-screen method. High-quality ecological ink does not spoil the aroma in any way and does not affect the period of use of the item. They are suitable for application on any surface, whether metal (badges, flasks, badges, flash drives, gravertons), canvas (paintings, photos), textiles (baseballs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, umbrellas, flags), film (sticker printing). , ceramics (Printing on cups, plates), glass (mirrors), paper (wallpapers, packaging products, puzzles).

The cost of the service is calculated depending on the batch quantity, material, image size and application method.
If you are ready to diversify your range of advertising branded products, order the production of Car Air Fresheners Cherkasy – Kyiv – Ukraine at the printing center 306.

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