A certificate is an official document that certifies a person and proves his belonging to a certain organization.

Printing center 306 produces identity cards of any complexity (with production and application of clichés, holograms) and in any quantity to order.

The certificate consists of two parts: external (cover) and internal (printing block). An image (state symbol, logo or company emblem) is applied to the front side of the document by embossing (gold, silver). For this, a cliché is made individually. The wrap can be hard or soft (with the addition of foam) as needed, the colors of the wrap are available.

The internal block usually contains the following information: name of the organization, coat of arms or logo, personal data of the holder of the permit, name of the body that issued the document, validity period or date of issue.

Recently, a new type of identification is gaining popularity – a plastic card with a chip – a combination of practicality and the latest electronic solutions. This method of identification is characterized by a high degree of information protection (all data is stored in a microchip) and resistance to mechanical impact.

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