A diary has been an invariable attribute of every schoolchild for many years. Its main purpose is still informing: about homework, about planned events, about the quality of the student’s education and his behavior. But time is moving forward and in order to call parents to school, for example, or to find out about grades, there are other more effective ways. At the same time, the diary is gradually transformed into an element of corporate culture. Accustoms children to a business style of life, performing the function of an organizer, which is already an attribute of an adult, conscious person who is able to plan his life.

Printing Center 306, having a full-cycle production, offers services for the production of diaries by personalized order. We take into account all the requirements and wishes of the administration of the educational institution regarding the appearance of the diary and its content. We offer:

  • Layout development;
  • Selection of paper and material for the cover;
  • Printing, cutting, binding, lamination, UV varnishing, foil embossing.

Our designers will help you develop a block with individual information about the educational institution (a list of the administration and teachers, contact information, call schedule, rules of student behavior and other information useful for children) and the actual block with the schedule. Our add-on has diary options for different ages, for example, for elementary school students and for high school students.


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