Applying images to diaries in Cherkasy using ultraviolet printing.
A branded diary for a business person is still an appropriate corporate souvenir, which is why the image service is so popular today. You can put any contact details, photo, logo, crest or anything else on the cover. Such a gift will remind you of you for a long time.

Polygraphic center 306 offers This method allows you to achieve an effect similar to screen printing, but without the costs of cliché production.

Also, UV printing is ideal for reproducing color images and printing on a dark background with light colors. The size of the print and its location on the cover does not matter – no matter where the picture or logo is, it will impress with clarity and brightness everywhere. We offer printing on diaries in any quantity, starting from one copy.

An exclusive diary will be a good gift not only for businessmen, but also, for example, for a teacher, doctor or just a creative person.

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