Diplomas, certificates

Diplomas, certificates

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No matter where we study, no matter where we perform or compete – everywhere we receive some recognition for our successes. The 306 printing center suggests introducing the company’s corporate style (logo, corporate symbol, company seal, hologram) or thematic focus (if, for example, a diploma for participation in sports competitions, then the image on the award will be appropriate) in this type of printing. This approach to the production of products will emphasize the solidity of the event, the respectability of the company and the corresponding level of success achieved every time. Therefore, we offer:

  • Development of a unique design layout (from simple – the same for everyone to personal).
  • Production from various materials (coated paper, designer cardboard).
  • Product protection by lamination.
  • For special occasions, we make thank-you notes on wooden boards with metal plates, on plastic, on acrylic.
  • We apply holograms, numbering, varnish, foil.

An example of our work

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