Indicators are your guide in the advertising environment

Signposts – informational signs, plates, arrows that help a person orientate in a room or on the street. It is with their help that we do not get confused by floors or offices, they show us evacuation routes, toilets and other vital directions. There are many of them on the street, at traffic intersections – they direct or invite you to visit a certain place. The main task of the pointer is to attract the attention of a potential client. Depending on the information presented, the following are distinguished:

Small navigation signs that indicate, for example, the number of a floor, apartment or office, the name of a street;
Combined elements where several directions are specified at the same time. For example, to the elevator, stairs, restroom;

Depending on where the sign will be installed (on the street or indoors), the material for its manufacture will also be chosen. For external use, it is better to order printing on wood, metal or plastic, and for interior signs – on paper, vinyl or film.

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