Printing on disks

Printing on disks

CDs and DVDs are mostly used by organizations that have a wide range of services or products that cannot be placed in advertising catalogs, or that need to save information for future use (for example, reports of conferences, meetings, presentations). In order to identify the content of an electronic medium, a certain image is applied to it. It can be the name of the event, for example, “Analysis of the organization’s work for the first half of the year”, “Our wedding”, the company’s logo or trademark, or a full-fledged advertising layout.

Printing center 306 offers:

  • applying images to CDs and DVDs using modern equipment;
  • we work only with proven consumables, therefore we guarantee high-quality color transfer;
  • any circulation;
  • we offer development and production of packaging for disks with an original layout.

An example of our work

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