Protective screens for air conditioners

Protective screens for air conditioners

Protective screens for air conditioners: comfort without drafts.

What is a protective screen for an air conditioner (deflector or diffuser) and why is it needed?

First, it’s a piece of plastic attached to your air conditioner that redistributes the airflow in the room. Its main purpose is to protect our health, because a sharp change in temperature (outside and inside the building) often causes diseases of the throat, respiratory tract, back and neck.

Secondly, the protective screen also has an aesthetic impact. It is made of light or transparent plastic (acrylic) 3 mm thick. The company’s logo can be applied to the plate using application, color printing or tinting with light-scattering film. Accordingly, it already has the characteristics of a branded product. If such screens are installed at home, they are decorated according to one’s own taste.

Thirdly, the deflector allows you to manage cold and hot air flows, dose their volume and even reduce the noise level of the air conditioner.

Fourthly, the material of the diffuser is light both in weight and in use. In addition, it is possible to manufacture according to an individual order.

Polygraphic center 306 offers services for the production, installation and design of protective screens. We offer attractive prices, high quality and a variety of models.

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