An advertising stand is a bright solution for your advertising

A rack is an indispensable attribute of any advertising campaign. This is a light structure, which most often consists of a pedestal and an information panel. Brightly designed, it will certainly attract the attention of the consumer, and the printed products located on it (postcards, booklets, product samples, etc.) immediately fall into the hands of a potentially interested customer.

There are several types of stands: information stands, exhibition stands, street stands and stands for promotions. The main advantages of this type of advertising:

  • Ease of use (can be used for advertising campaigns of different types of products each time);
  • Does not require additional human resources;
  • It is quickly mounted, it is easy to move or transport;
  • Attractive value.
  • Multifunctionality (such a structure can be used as an advertising medium, a rack or a full-fledged workplace, for example, a tasting stand).
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