Resin signs

Resin signs

A sign or nameplate is a small information plate (sticker) that you have probably seen more than once, for example, in museums near exhibits or on household appliances. Basic information about the item or product is indicated on them: name, brand, serial number, date, contact information, etc. Now the geography of the use of this product has expanded significantly: it can be seen on gift certificates, souvenirs, picture frames, advertising products. A three-dimensional resin sticker is a modern, fairly simple, low-cost type of image advertising, capable of conveying information to the consumer in such an unusual way.

Printing center 306 offers:

  • signs of various sizes and shapes;
  • we use a soft resin that gives the product flexibility;
  • resin signs are not exposed to aggressive external environment (rain, snow, temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet light), do not lose brightness over time, are resistant to cracks and scratches.

Stickers made of epoxy resin will be another original gift during various events.

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