Printing center 306 has been providing various institutions with one of the most popular types of internal advertising – stands for many years. Correctly designed, they attract the attention of the public, convey information in a high quality and contribute to brand recognition.

What stands do we offer:

  • Informational. Most often, we observe them, for example, in schools, hospitals, in various commercial and reference structures, etc. They are made with and without pockets (flat or voluminous), which allows you to change information at any time. They are mostly located in the middle of the room, so the term of their operation is uncertain.
  • Advertising They are actively used at exhibitions, during conferences, promotions. This design is the face of the company. It forms the first impression customers have about the company, service or products. The main task of such a stand is to stand out from other competitors, so innovation, individual approach and high-quality design are an important factor during its production.

Polygraphic center 306 offers the production of information stands from various materials: plastic, metal, composite, depending on the way they are used. For decoration, for example, three-dimensional letters or illumination are used. The image is applied to the base using large-format printing.

An example of our work

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