A billboard is a portable billboard

A billboard is a type of street one-sided or two-sided portable advertising structure. A vivid example of this type of outdoor advertising is the counters that are taken out near currency exchange offices, cafes, and shops. Most often, it has a rectangular or arched shape, it is installed near objects of service provision or trade. The frame of the pole can be wooden or metal, the advertising field – galvanized steel, plastic, banner fabric, recently the slate board has become popular. The image is applied using large-format printing or film.

Undisputed advantages of the pole:

  • ease and ease of installation: it can be quickly removed or moved to another place;
  • low cost allows you to make several signs and place them in different places;
  • efficiency in replacing content (this is especially relevant if you need to constantly change data, for example, a menu in a cafe);
  • casual advertising actively attracts the attention of potential customers.

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