Volumetric letters

Volumetric letters

Block letters are advertising that works for itself.

Volumetric letters are a common type of street constructions that are informative in nature. Where they are used:

  • for creating facade and interior signs, advertising structures on roofs;
  • in various commercial facilities: bazaars, offices, entertainment and catering establishments, car showrooms, supermarkets, etc.;
  • for arranging weddings, parties, corporate parties, exhibitions and presentations.

Letters are of different types (with or without light), as well as from different materials (PVC, plexiglass, plastic, acrylic, foam). The advertising structure is illuminated with LEDs, it will become more attractive and bright. The font and design is chosen according to the wishes of the client.

Advantages of volumetric letters:

  • Attracts attention (bright, originally designed letters are better remembered, thereby encouraging customers to make purchases).
  • Resistant to the negative influence of the external environment.
  • Simple and reliable installation (each element is mounted separately, so in case of damage, it is easier and cheaper to replace one letter).

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