Technical requirements for plastic card layouts

Plastic cards (86×54)

  1. The size of the layout should be exactly 90×57. The cropping area is 87×55, the size of the finished product will be 86×54 (this must be taken into account).
  2. Layout submission in eps, cdr formats (in this case, your layout will be exported to (.eps) for working with it in InDesign), tif, png, jpg, pdf (very undesirable). If presented in a different size, the layout will be deformed and converted to the above size.
  3. The area from 86×54 to 90×57 is considered to be the working area, when cutting out there may be shifts within this area, do not press important details of the layout to the temporal area.
  4. The layout must be in the CMYK color model, RGB is also accepted, but not mixed.
  5. The total amount of colors in colors is not more than 300%; zero color components not less than 4%.
  6. Black color [Black] (C 0%, M 0%, Y 0%. To 100%)
  7. Effects must be rasterized, fonts converted to curves.
  8. If the numbering elements along with the layout must be enclosed in a font that exists in the form of font files.
    Remember: the colors you see on print will never be the same as on screen.
  9. Sufficiently small elements located on the plate should have an ultra-thin outline, it is not visible on the print, but in this way the plate will not absorb small elements so much.

Any other plastic product:

  1. Everything above applies to this item, except for the dimensions.
  2. The maximum size is A4 minus 5mm around the perimeter. You can also prepare a layout in A4 level, but keep in mind that 5mm around the perimeter will be cut off.
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