Graverton – printing on metal in Cherkasy – Polygraphy 306

Graverton is an innovative technology – a method of printing on a metal surface. The popularity of products is given by some undeniable characteristics: low cost, ease of implementation and a wide range of possibilities. Most often, graverton technology can be observed where there is a need to apply an image on metal, for example, on diplomas and certificates made on a metal base and attached to MDF boards. It is also used in the process of manufacturing overlays, signs, commemorative souvenirs, etc.

How does this process happen:

The designer develops a layout in color or black and white, necessarily with high resolution properties, which gives the image maximum clarity and contrast.

With the help of a special toner, the drawing is applied to a metal surface and placed under a special press. In this way, the picture undergoes high-temperature processing.

After the product cools down, it can be used further. Since the metal plate is thin, it is most often attached to a wooden base.

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