Ultraviolet printing

Ultraviolet printing is a method of applying an image using special paints that photopolymerize under the influence of ultraviolet light, leaving a thin and strong layer on the surface: glass, plastic, paper, mirror, canvas, leather, wood, and others. With the help of this technology, original polygraphic products with a printed image of high quality are created.

The main advantages of the technology:

  • The paint can be applied to any base (both smooth and rough), the color lasts a long time, does not fade in the sun and does not wash off with water.
  • The paint is non-toxic, so it can be used in various interiors.
    UV printing is the optimal ratio of price and quality.
  • It is used for a wide range of advertising printing products: business cards, diaries, pens, flash drives, phone covers, water bottles (plastic, metal), signs, stands, etc.
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